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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Frenchman And A Japaneseman Go Into A Bar

This very interesting and wide-ranging conversation between Loic and Joi Ito is well worth a listen (and a slightly unexciting watch - sorry guys). It covers some things I've thought about before like avatars and others that I haven't. They stimulated, alarmed and irritated me in equal amount which is always a good sign.

Some thoughts to ponder as you listen

How many generalisations are made to justify theses?

If multiple videos of the same event are mashed up - do you get a better reality or a deliberately distorted one?

The average TV viewer watches 19 hours a week, does that make Joi's 35 hours of gaming an addiction?

What quality of business processes would be created by people who "can't really write".

Two geeks in a bar and no beer in sight? Is this verification of the staggering cost of Scandanavian living?


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