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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rush Job Redux.

When discussing the concept of hurried purchasing decisions before, I wondered if this hurry was a genuine phenomenon across all age groups.

It clearly occurs to all of us some of the time and the New York Times piece that I quoted yesterday, coincidentally includes the opinion of a 42-year-old who, in reference to store design rather than burglary, says “We are all so busy that, unless I am buying milk, I need a window to get me inside.”

But I wanted to get another view on this and exchanged emails with David Wolfe whose work on Ageless Marketing I've found to be provocatively insightful particularly in relation to the changing purchasing motivations that our changing brain chemistry produces throughout our lives. With his permission, I reproduce his take on Seth's thesis,

"That is more the case with younger buyers, but not so much so among the New Customer Majority -- the 136 million adults over the age of 40. As many people continue to age after 40, more and more time ceases to be of the essence. Keep in mind that they typically have overflowing wardrobes, more "stuff" in their homes than they have space for storing it comfortably, have had the thrill of buying new cars numerous times and so on. In other words, as their materialistic appetites begin ebbing, less and less do they feel the kind of almost panicky need to buy something that Seth claims is the case."

Addendum: David also points us to another example of flogging which shows that old style marketers still don't know how to CHAT to their customers.


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