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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Customer Data Should Help The Customer Too.

Conference badges are simple things. You fill in a form for an event and some days, weeks or months later you're wearing a badge with some of that data on it.

But is it the data you want to appear on you badge? Have you ever been prompted regarding which lines of data (company or occupation for example) will actually appear on the badge or in the yearbook or in some other piece of potential self-promotion.

If you're collecting data, you're no doubt keen on building a database of attendees in a format that makes your life easy and will allow you to market to them in the future. Wouldn't it be better marketing if you spent a little time showing that you were also aware of the self-promotion opportunities that they wanted to exploit?

Letting them know/influence how their badge will look is just one very simple way of potentially delighting them. But because it falls under the label of conference administration and not conference marketing, nobody does it. The business world is filled with missed marketing opportunities and most of them will cost you nothing.


Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said...

Best to have your own badge.

2:58 PM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger john dodds said...

Good point Jeremy, though I expect I'd forget mine and it doesn't cover the multiple personas I might want to display at different conferences etc.

1:03 AM, May 22, 2009  

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