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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bad Marketing.

Many people in business don't understand statistics or finance and that's appalling. Similarly, far too many people neither understand marketing nor know what it is and that's marketers fault. Shel Israel's article  about how marketing is ruining social media is just the latest illustration of that. There's nothing wrong with the argument, it's just that it's not marketing that's at fault, it's bad marketers.

Bad marketers are short-term salespeople rather than long-term marketers.

Bad marketers see everything in terms of marketing opportunities.

Bad marketers would rather do anything than opt to do seemingly nothing. 

Bad marketers see people as consumers not customers.

Bad marketers lack respect for other people's creativity. 

Bad marketers see channels where people see entertainment or utility.

Bad marketers overvalue the new and undervalue the present.

Bad marketers do what they've always done.

Bad marketers use all the jargon but understand very little of it.

Bad marketers don't question their assumptions.

Bad marketers are the reason  I wrote Geek Marketing 101 six years ago.

Bad marketers have given marketing a bad name.

Bad marketers are still doing what they've always done.


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