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Monday, July 30, 2012

What Chinese Want.

We hear all about China and its inevitable rise, but how much do most of us know about the place? My answer to that question was virtually nothing, so it was a very nice surprise to receive this book some months ago. It's taught me a lot (subject to cross-referencing of course) and is a good mix of assertions and business and cultural examples.

I find it hard to believe that Chinese cultural hierarchy is incompatible with creativity and innovation, but perhaps that is just an example of my uninformed pre-conceptions. And if you don't challenge your assumptions about the markets you're targetting,  you end up making big mistakes. You can never know enough and you need to be sure you know anything.

Addendum: This is not business-related but as an insight into other people's lives (this time in the southern USA) it's remarkable.


Anonymous Rob said...

Tom Doctoroff is a very smart, very knowledgable man. He knows his shit - especially where China is concerned - however some of his views reflect a previous generation and so while his views are definitely worth listening to, it's important to remember how much technology and wealth has shifted some attitudes and viewpoints - which, with the upmost respect to Tom - I think he doesn't always embrace.

Good read though.

6:00 PM, August 01, 2012  

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