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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Make Marketing Confident.

Guinness's new advertisement featuring the elegant gentlemen of Brazzaville ties in well with their theme of individuality and is unquestionably interesting and visually arresting. But, oh how they shoe-horn in the product shots towards the end and emphasise that this is indeed an advertisement and not a slice of culture.

Personally, I'd have settled for a single mention at the end of the piece and the assumption that  the viewer was intelligent enough to make the connection. This way, I fear the reaction is much more likely to be along the lines of "What's this got to do with Guinness?"

It's possible that the fact that I watched the accompanying five minute mini-documentary before the ad has swayed my reaction. But while the drink is in that film too, it's very much in the background and not messaged at me in the way that Tom Fishburne skewers in this cartoon  (that I coincidentally received today as result of commenting on his post).

Enjoy the ad and try to watch the mini-documentary. It's truly fascinating and features the assertion by one of the sapeurs that people who dress up cannot be violent. Given the history of both Congo and Ireland, that's something that could be used to make a very interesting follow-up.


Blogger Carol L. Weinfeld said...

Another possibility could be to only show the documentary, with the product and/or tagline at the end.

6:33 PM, January 16, 2014  
Blogger john dodds said...

I agree Carol. I loved the documentary and think it would be a great ambassador for what they're trying to achieve. The only problem would be that the length would preclude its presence in ad breaks.

Maybe a series of longer sponsored documentaries would solve that issue.

8:28 AM, January 20, 2014  

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