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Friday, May 26, 2017

Make Marketing Stress-Tested.

Hot on the heels of Boaty McBoatface , Tay and the rest comes the latest marketing fiasco.

Joining the rush to involve their customers in their marketing, Walker's Crisps encouraged them to upload photos to appear online with their brand spokesman. A few complied, but many more uploaded images of serial killers and others who didn't really fit the brand guidelines. And, of course, there were live billboard feeds of the Twitterstream.

It happens again and again. After all this time, it's still amazing how little digital marketers seem to understand about the web.

The answer is simple. You need to stress-test all your marketing. You need to look at it with scepticism and wrack your brains for the worst case scenarios of how it might mis-fire. This doesn't happen for the simple reason that it's viewed as negativity. But unthinking team-players are still unthinking and bad ideas are still bad.


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