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Monday, May 15, 2006

Communication Breakdown

The flyer through the letterbox is a sure sign that the business in question adheres to the "spray and pray" school of promotion, so picking holes in their copy is likely to be easy pickings, but heck I'm still going to do it.

The header "Hate Housework? We Love It!" is clear enough, as is the promise of "having your home cleaned by a highly trained professional team" but line three is a beauty which explained that they will "use our exclusive tri-colour process to ensure excellent results with terrific value!" And just to emphasise it, the word tri-colour is printed in THREE colours (though surprisingly not red, white and blue).

The trouble is that even if I were enticed by the prospect of chromatic triplication, there is no further mention of it in the hundreds of words that surround the various pictures of their operatives on this expensively-produced flyer.

I've questioned the value of consistency of voice before, but you should at least maintain it within a single document. Instead the company have turned off all the people who's worldview is skewed against marketing bullshit and yet has failed to expand on its hook for those who were enticed. In terms of the classic AIDA protocol, they got my attention but deliberately refused to interest me and, quite literally, didn't get their foot in the door.


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