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Friday, September 15, 2006

Off Their Trollies.

My eyes were drawn to the end of my shopping trolley last night. You've guessed it. Another free space now emblazoned with advertising. This time for Hardy's wines.

Funnily enough, its positioning did not excite me, but rather served only to emphasise the length of the trolley and the fact that it corresponds to no-ones focal length! So, all I could read at the distance was the product name because the majority of the ad was in small type. Being cognisant of my readers' interest, however, I leaned forward and read some information about texting my meal-plans to them and receiving wine advice back. As if!

I had no meal plans per se. I certainly had no intention of prolonging my stay to wait for the vagaries of mobile communication to return my text with a "personalised' recommendation. I bought no wine.

UPDATE: This phenomenon has recently been named urban spam.


Blogger said...

Interesting post. More spam? Anyone want to think of another species of spam? Any taxometrists in town?

10:33 AM, September 15, 2006  

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