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Monday, October 09, 2006

Quickie Marketing.

Walking past a local Indian takeaway restaurant, I noted that they've crowned the serving counter with a sloping facia on which is posted the entire menu.

So now there'll be no flipping through multi-page menus to find what you want; there'll be no squinting above or beyond the serving bay as happens in so many mall restaurants; and there'll be no forgetting what you've ordered between reading and speaking (a problem for alcohol-sodden clientele when faced with menus traditionally posted on the outside of the restaurant).

No. You'll stand at the counter and read the menu, as if at a lectern, in a well-lit environment directly facing your server. It can't have cost much to do, but it's user-friendly and no doubt speeds up through-flow. I've no idea if it's unique to this takeaway, but I will notice its absence in other restaurants. That simple differentiation is quickie marketing in action.


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