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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bad Timing?

The junk mail that I normally ignore happened to land just so on the mat and the price for cans of Campbell's soup was ridiculously low. So the next day, when in that neighbourhood, I swung by and ran the gauntlet of the discount store. Quelle surprise, total disarray, no Campbell's soup and staff with little awareness of what they stocked.

I fired off an email via their website. The response that came within the day,was polite and well written but the explanation leaves me in a quandary. Apparently it says somewhere on this large flyer that the offers don't start till next Monday (five days after the flyer arrived). My marketing reaction is that you must, must, must avoid disappointing any potential customer and thus the date of the offer should have been clarified in unmissable fashion all over the flyer or the flyer should not have gone out until the stock was in-store.

But I have a nagging doubt, am I asking too much?


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