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Monday, November 20, 2006

Old Dog, New Tricks.

Clive Davis is a very smart and successful man. At 74, he's not the new kid on the block but as Lefsetz (again) reports, he has the ears for new marketing as well as new music.

"Clive dressed Whitney up and had her sing at private events. He’s staging a comeback, not a desperate one, but an elegant one. No new material is needed, just her appearance, with the voice and class she used to have. Clive’s priming the PUMP! He’s getting the media ready. He’s not asking for mainstream press, but the ever-present reporters are leaking the story. Making the public feel like insiders. The orchestration is so low level, it’s not exposed for the manipulation it is. Then, after a year, or even two, after going through HUNDREDS of tracks, maybe THOUSANDS, and recording an album with hits, Clive is gonna spend a fortune on hair and makeup and photographers and video directors and the sleek package that emerges will make you want to take Whitney home with you once again."

Doesn't that sound like an ideavirus, doesn't that sound like marketing 2.0 and doesn't that prove that you don't have to be young to market pop culture?


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