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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Isn't Just A Typo, This Is An M&S Typo.

[Click on image to enlarge.]

I'm pretty sure this isn't what M&S chief executive Marc Bolland meant when he criticised the poor signage in his stores. But it was amusing to see this on the day the media is filled with his £600 million revamp.

While the usual bewilderment regarding the number of senior executives who must have signed off on the artwork applies, it's also chastening to note that store staff said the wall displays had been in place for about three months.

Do customers not notice such things even when they're staring them in the face while standing at the check-out tills? Or do they see it and not care? Either way, M&S can never again reject a potential employee on the basis of a typo in their resume.


Anonymous Dan Thornton said...

Never good. I suspect customers (and those supposedly checking the signage), fell foul of the human tendency to make sense in their own mind of typos until someone has pointed it out!

9:10 AM, September 13, 2011  
Anonymous Rob said...

Were you literally so filled with rage that it made you shake while taking possibly the most out-of-focus photo since some UFO obsessive tried to claim he'd seen aliens?

9:52 PM, September 13, 2011  
Blogger john dodds said...

It was a last minute surreptitious shot in a crowded store. And that's their lighting - not camera flash. But I had hoped it would come out better.

1:45 AM, September 14, 2011  
Anonymous northern said...


6:24 AM, September 15, 2011  

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