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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marketing Metric Myopia.

The rise of Jeremy Lin continues unabated. Six games, six wins culminating last night in his scoring of the game-winning basket with 0.5 seconds left on the clock.

Ten days ago, he didn't have a contact and had spent two years struggling to find a team. Perhaps, that was because he graduated from Harvard rather than Kentucky, or perhaps it was because he is Asian-American.

As he became an international celebrity, the story was framed as an example of the triumph of perseverance, but it's really a story of managerial myopia. He didn't fit the normal profile, so he didn't get the role.

What is worse, in the age of Moneyball, he didn't get the role even though the metrics had been positively analysed over eighteen months ago.

Knowing your market is crucial, but you need to back up those instincts with a respect for and full understanding of the numbers. If you don't, you lay yourself open to running with the crowd and acting on conventional wisdom.


Anonymous Rob said...

If you think the impact he's had in the US is amazing, you should see how the people in China are reacting.

Despite the fact he's more American than the Marlboro man, there is a huge wave of support towards him. That said, we're already seeing a counter-wave, where people are calling him 'banana' [Yellow on the outside, white on the inside] ... but all that aside, what he is doing in forcing people to look at their prejudices [even if it won't be long-lasting] is pretty interesting.

4:57 PM, February 15, 2012  
Blogger john dodds said...

I see the Chinese government is also laying claim to him even though his heritage is Taiwanese (and not at all like the Marlboro man).

And personally, I think this will be longer-lasting than you suggest. Your lack of athleticism and general poor judgment relating to sports has blinded you to quite how talented he is.

5:13 PM, February 15, 2012  
Anonymous Rob said...

I work with NIKE, I'm being reminded how talented he is on a minute by minute basis.

5:21 PM, February 15, 2012  
Anonymous northern said...

Dodds, are you calling Rob a fat waster?
Rob, I wouldn't let him get away with that

10:01 AM, March 21, 2012  

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