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Friday, May 30, 2014

Tone Of What?

I'm a great admirer of the recent Lurpak advertising. Perhaps that's why I scrutinise it  more closely than the usual dross. Thus it was that I noticed a jarring mix of language in this poster.

On the one hand you have  the portentous "Venture Forth, on the other the more than mundane "Cooking Liquid".  You can debate whether either is the appropriate tone of voice with which to address the customer, but the dissonance is striking.

For me, the product name is the weak link. Redolent of brake fluid, it's functional naming taken a step too far - all the more so as it's meant to be an innovation. In light of the excellence of the other executions,  I'm probably being over-fussy, but a lot of lip-service is paid to consistency of voice and it's particularly obvious when you see it in print.


Blogger Ant said...

They've also got a product called 'Cooking Mist'
Much better in terms of tone of voice, but sounds like the sort of product you simply don't need in your kitchen...


1:33 AM, June 02, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, they definitely dropped the ball on this one.

3:26 AM, June 17, 2014  

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