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Friday, August 25, 2006

Radio Is A Sound Salvation.

An iconoclast who championed Pink Floyd in the 60s, punk rock in the 70s, world music in the 80s, grunge in the 90s and was still broadcasting on the premier UK national music station at the time of his recent early death.

A megaphone of outrageous difference who disrupted the vapid similarity of New York's radio stations when I first encountered him on AM afternoon radio conducting "auditions" in a virtual shower in the mid 80s.

A doctor of horror movies who sees Ice Age II as the death of narrative cinema and whose scabrous reviews are often more entertaining than the main feature.

At various times, each of them has captured my prolonged attention with their inner voice, that combination of passion, humanity and lucidity that cuts through the fog of mediocrity, engages the mind and soul and elects them to true A-list status within their spheres.

Such voices are opinionated but not dictatorial and crucially possess the confidence to respond intelligently to criticism of their worldview. In an age of increasingly mind-numbing choice, such voices are the future for all media and that includes blogging. Their attributes should permeate the voice of your products, your services and your organisations.

How does your salvation sound?


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