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Monday, August 20, 2007

Huge iPhone Bills.

I hadn't realised that US telcos itemised every text message on their bills. Indeed, I don't know if it's just a new development with the IPhone or specific to AT&T as reported here but in a world where people send tens if not hundreds of texts a day and where environmentalism is allegedly at the heart of every business's mission, it's crazy to do so on paper.

Watch this endgadget video from which the photos above are taken to see just how crazy.

As I said in my previous phone post, the product isn't the whole experience. The size of the bills surely was predictable so wouldn't AT&T have looked good if - in the stated interest of not wasting paper and other resources - they'd sent out summarised bills with links to detailed online bills?

They would have earned kudos for their initiative in a way that greenwash doesn't, saved money now and in the future and migrated huge numbers of customers over to online billing at a stroke. Now the most memorable thing they've done in recent times is seemingly to associate themselves with waste and stupidity.


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