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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obsessive Sharing Disorder.

I haven't yet asked Iain if he was being serious or sarcastic. Chances are he was being both and I agree with him. We all know we are social, we all know we don't want to be interrupted, we all know that marketing needs to be shareable. We all know all this and agencies, books and careers have inevitably sprung up to fill the potentially lucrative vacuum.

But what is all too often forgotten is that it's optional not obligatory. We all want the opportunity to share, but most of the time most of the people aren't actually going to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a 1:9:90 rule to be uncovered here. The massive are still passive.

We're becoming obsessed with the sharing when we should be obsessed with all our customers, especially the introverted majority. And in so doing, we run the risk of ending up with this sort of thing.


Blogger David King said...

Obviously shared

5:44 AM, April 22, 2010  
Blogger Carol L. Weinfeld said...

Thus, know one's target audience.

12:03 AM, April 23, 2010  
Blogger john dodds said...

@ David - not sure what you mean - but if you're saying I'm defeating my own argument by sharing this, I'd counter by suggesting I'm in the self-selecting 1% of the 1-9-90.

@ Carol - yes and no. I have a problem with targetted audiences because it suggests you know exactly who will want you product/service. You may be wrong. I'd say avoid focussing on those who are very unlikely to be interested, but don't ignore those who might be even though you don't realise it. Users decide what a product/service means to them, not the other way round.

12:17 AM, April 23, 2010  
Blogger Robert said...

The real lesson is that you cannot have a standard approach to communication - different people require different motivations and a standard approach is just easier to sell to simplistic clients.

7:04 PM, April 25, 2010  
Blogger john dodds said...

Oh you're officially Robert now are you?

And restating what I already said.

Is this the future?

2:40 AM, April 26, 2010  
Anonymous Rob, not Robert said...

Thought I'd try your strategy. It really works doesn't it.

9:02 PM, April 26, 2010  
Anonymous Promotional Products said...

I wish the world had more people who were obsessed with sharing. This would great! Commercial is great too.

6:07 AM, April 27, 2010  

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