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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It Is What You Do, Not The Way That You Do It.

I've written before about my belief that strategy and marketing are intimately intertwined, most notably in respect of defining who one's customers are likely to be. So, it was interesting to hear many of the entrepreneurs at a start-up competition get this wrong and define themselves as tech businesses.

Maybe influenced by two oft-cited UK success stories tech businesses that aren't actually tech busineses. They may use a lot of technology, but Moo is a printing company and Moshi Monsters is an entertainment company and they're both very sure of that.

Here's the reality. You're a tech busainess if you create technology that your customers use to do something else. If you simply use technology to produce your product/service, you're not a tech business you're a business that uses technology and there's nothing wrong with that.

Technology may be how you do what you do, but it doesn't mean it is what you do. And knowing what you do is key to knowing how to market yourself.


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