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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Digital Chicken Or More Nuanced Egg?

You will no doubt have seen CapGemini's Digital Transformation study that shows that digitally mature businesses perform better on a number of financial indices. One might question the validity of some of the indicators e.g. market capitalisation, but the importance of integrating digital into the heart of a business is undeniable.

However, I'm not sure they've shown the causality that some are claiming on their behalf. Their hypothesis is that if you go digital, you achieve better results.  I'd offer an alternative hypothesis; that well-run businesses would have seen the promise of digital and embraced it quicker than poorly-run businesses.

Indeed, the study shows that some industries are lagging behind, but whether that's due to bad management or structural and legal issues is debateable. I've sent out some emails and will see what responses are forthcoming.