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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Inaction Speaks Louder Than Words.

It has been simultaneously fascinating and frustrating to watch a new management team taking over the running of a local business facility. They work for a huge logistics company. Top-down process has taken precedence over reactive customer focus and the results have not been pretty.

For me, the most heinous failure has been not to listen to or seek advice from the existing customer base.  Those customers have used the facility, know its idiosyncracies and have lived through the successes and the failed initiatives of previous management teams. 

A free repository of operational insight has been ignored because corporate knows best. Potential pitfalls that were highlighted by customers have inevitably come to pass and satisfaction levels have plummeted While investments have been made in some parts of the business, the cost-cutting in other areas overshadows any goodwill that was generated. 

I'm amazed that I have to keep saying this, but an alienated customer is kryptonite especially in a growth phase. Start-ups know this. Established businesses shouldn't need to be told it. 

On the upside, the automated response from the customer service email account promises they will get back to you within TEN working days.