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Monday, January 08, 2007

Lightbulb Moment.

Taking up Seth Godin's challenge about why compact fluorescent lightbulbs are so hard to market given that they are both green and economical, I have a very simple answer. The consumer advantages are appealing, but the consumer's first touchpoint with the product is a name that talks about size and technology.

As I said in Geek Marketing 101,

4) Think what, not how?

Think of the "product" in terms of what it does, not how it does it. You may be interested in the latter, but your users generally aren't. Portable computer memory is not a difficult concept to enunciate, yet flash drive and USB drive nomenclature is predicated on technological aspects not the actual function. Long words confuse, don't they?


Blogger said...

Hey, you lost me at flash drive then again at nomenclature.

9:03 AM, January 08, 2007  

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