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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So Television Is Dying?

During 2005, the average American household watched eight hours and 11 minutes of TV per day — 2.7 per cent longer than the previous year, 12.5 per cent longer than ten years ago, and the longest reported since Nielsen Media Research began monitoring such things in the 1950s. That rather undermines the received "wisdom" that the internet is killing television and that the future of television will be slicecasting - niche channels catering for tiny audiences.

That's my problem with evangelists, be they religious or technologist. They have faith but they too often shape the facts to fit their faith rather than the other way round. In the world of blogging with all its connectivity and network effects, we should all remember that the circulation of a "fact" has become very easy, but it doesn't mean that accuracy has increased no matter how many times it's quoted.


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