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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Whole Truth.

Having established that consumers are neither rocket scientists nor fools, it is important for marketers not to believe the digital hype. The ability to find information does not equate with the willingness to find that information or the ability to process it. In whatever country we are, we all know the complaints about our educational systems. Many consumers haven't changed that much.

Thus, the detox market has exploded from nowhere to be worth millions in recent years. People have convinced themselves they are overloading their bodies with toxins and will suffer deprivation and ignominy to make themselves feel in the full flush of health even though, if they are fortunate enough to have a fully functioning renal system, they are automatically filtering over 300 pints of water each and every day at no cost in time, foregone pleasure or money.

The detox industry is meeting a customer need that's arguably already being met, but in the mind of many consumers it is not and that's what counts. It is the marketer's role to tell the consumer an informative and educational story but, as long as it is truthful, there is no moral responsibility for how it is assimilated.


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