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Friday, August 04, 2006

Be Constructive Not Obstructive.

My lack of self-awareness does not extend to ignorance of the fact that I am a tad opinionated and ever so slightly critical. Naturally, I don't think this is a bad thing. However, a recent blog exchange (in which I advocated their benefits) has caused me to rethink my definition of critic. What I mean by a critic is, in fact, an editor as opposed to a troll. It's a question of nuance but, as long as you define your terms correctly, constructive criticism is obviously to be welcomed and obstructive criticism to be avoided.

An extension of this thought prompted me to consider common business goals and practices in terms of whether they are ultimately constructive or, at best, obstructive. Embrace the former. Suspect the latter. Opt for

Editors not Critics
Market Analysis not Market Research
Connections not Interruptions
Customer Needs not Business Models
Usability not Features
Marketing not Promotion
Fulfillment not Promises
Passion not Finesse
Observation not Focus Groups
Psychology not Demography


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