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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Wozniak Manifesto.

Guy Kawasaki changed his blog name. Thus, there were no additions to it in that location in my RSS list where I expected to see him and, thus, I inadvertently stopped reading for a number of weeks (thereby proving my J train minifesto point that you cannot afford to ask your users to change their behaviour very much).

For that reason, I came belatedly to this fantastic interview with Apple founder Steve Wozniak in which Woz, despite his protestations to the contrary, revealed himself to be an utterly intuitive marketer as these two quotes will show.

"Don't focus on designing technology, but look at the thing that people do in their life - that is what you have to simplify the most."

"Modify technology to the way that humans work - don't make technology that causes humans to modify their behaviour."

That's the perfect expression of product as marketing.


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