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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Learning Lessons.

One of the horrors of the UK is the way that the justifiable application of private sector skills and practices to bloated and inefficient public sevices sometimes leads to the defence of the indefensible.

Since private sector companies have marketing departements, it is now deemed essential that publically-funded hospitals in a socialised medical system should be allowed to market themselves to patients.

As you can see the doctor's worldview that "The health service is not about making money, it is about delivering care for patients" differs markedly from that of the businessman who would have us believe that "This is a natural part of developing a competitive marketplace."

There is much to be said for applying the lessons of best practice or innovative thinking from another sector to your own - not only can you learn from their experience, you are also more likely to stand out amongst your peers and competitors. The key is to ensure that the borrowing is appropriate to your business and meets with the approval of your staff and customers.


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