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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Arcade Fire Equation.


"We decided to try and get a couple of songs out to people before the record leaks (which is inevitable…), but keep in mind that the record is very much meant to be heard as a whole. That is why we leaked over 100 songs on as fake band names over the last year and then made a compilation of the 11 most popular songs and called it Neon Bible!"

plus Sociability

"From the shadows, I recognised a face: it was the lead-singer, Win. He tip-toed onto the pavement. He was most definitely up to something. No one noticed him: I didn't say anything, but gave him a little smile. .. He waved back and whispered up the street, in a hushed Canadian voice, "Do you have a ticket?" I said, "No." Then, suddenly he looked very conspiratorial, and he said louder, with conviction and urgency, "Then follow me."

plus Being Remarkable

Equals Breakthrough

"Not that they've exactly hit the mainstream now. One girl who travelled from Manchester lamented her proud schoolyard boast of scoring tickets for last night's show was met with blank faces from her companions. All that is about to change."

Personal Note: If you don't get The Arcade Fire I'd be alarmed. If you can get me tickets for their London gigs, I'd be delighted.


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