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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Having already told you about the magnificence of Ellen Page, I make no apologies for repeating the message. Last night, I got the chance to see a screening of her latest movie Juno which, I believe, opens tomorrow in NY and LA and around the world early next year. My review is as follows - go see it.

The production notes point out that the movie is ultimately about relationships between people who would not normally meet or who indeed might be isolated from each other by prejudice and status. The parallels with the connectivity of the online world are obvious and coincidentally (or not) the screenwriter Diablo Cody is herself a blogger.

That may explain why the script is so sharp, tight and funny - so much so that you miss some jokes because of the unsubsiding laughter from the previous line. Juno is one of the best movies you will see all year.

See! I do like some things. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


Blogger RB said...

A shaft of light decended from the heavens accompanied by a chorus from the choir evangelical all because JD got engaged in a movie.

Aaaaah nice innit? It's a blooming miracle mister, a miracle I tell ya.

5:21 AM, December 07, 2007  

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