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Friday, April 04, 2008

Real Difference?

Talking of different, I'm still bemused by Becks Vier and their "different by choice" campaign. They may well be, but the only objective attribute they mention is the 4% alcohol strength which, of course, is also enshrined in their name.

As a drinker of bottled Becks (5%), that strikes me as a claim to Vier being a weaker beer while the question of taste which is what they're really wanting to emphasise is lost in the shuffle. Yet again, we see how difficult it is to get two ideas across simultaneously.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I just spent the last half hour viewing other Beck beer commercials and found them to be equally as obscure. Profound words and inspiring quotes are not always necessary.

11:53 AM, April 04, 2008  

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