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Friday, February 19, 2010

Stay Out Of the Picture.

Some time ago I wrote about what was wrong with conferences, but I've become increasingly irritated by the distracting antics of official photographers. They are constantly interrupting my attention via

1) Their insistence on taking multiple shots of what is essentially the same subject seemingly on the basis that the more attempts they make, the greater their chance of success.

2) Their exaggerated unobtrusiveness as they tip-toe into and out of the audience's view which only serves to distract even more.

3) Their belief that the event exists so that they can flaunt their brilliance by taking photographs of it.

They've always been annoying, but today with the audience actively generating and posting their own images of the event, I begin to wonder if they're actually needed. The world has changed but the convention - in every sense of that word - remains the same.

The metaphor is obvious too. If the combination of bloat, interruptiveness and ego sounds anything like your industry, change your focus.


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