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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speaking With One Voice.

I'd never heard of Woot, but I was aware there was an online retailer doing what they did. I'll be watching them closely now - not because they just got acquired by Amazon, but because of the way they responded to it. Not with legalese or corporate platitudes but with the same human tone they used before they were bought.

Businesses grow, businesses evolve and business are acquired, but the one thing they must never forget is that they're still essentially making sales one at a time to individual customers.


Anonymous lauren said...

i bought a shirt from them and i can tell you that their voice is awesome. almost as good as innocent's.

i washed my shirt for the first time and noticed on the label's care instructions:

100% cotton
made in usa
cold machine wash
do not tumble dry
not to be worn as pants.

excellent! of course i see that more as a challenge than wit, but that says more about me than them.

i'm a massive fan.

5:16 AM, July 03, 2010  
Anonymous Rob said...

Love it ... seems WOOT!'s personality is a true reflection of the people in it, not a contrived marketing created brand model.

5:37 PM, July 06, 2010  

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