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Monday, June 05, 2006

No! I'm The Messiah!

Edward de Bono of Six Hats and lateral thinking fame is launching a new sin-free religion. Sin-free in the sense that there are no forbidden fruits (though sadly he sees his ideas as complemenetary to existing religions which will provide an existing moral framework for his new disicples). I'm not big on religion, but find it useful to look at behaviour concepts for pointers for business.

"H+ (Plus) A New Religion" provides a framework for achievement through daily acts of help or contribution. Whether this is offering other people something to laugh at or helping an elderly person cross the road, through these altruistic acts comes a sense of achievement, and from achievement comes self-esteem and a belief in oneself. H' stands for: happiness; help; hope; health; and, most importantly, humour."

At heart, he's talking about focussing each day on completing small achievable acts rather than labouring away on potentially unachievable grand visions. The marketing parallels are obvious - fix what's wrong, constantly look to make customers happier and be religiously zealous about it.


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