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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Because Of The iPhone.

Yes, the iPhone is beautiful and potentially disruptive (though I'm immediately concerned about how careful one would feel obliged to handle something which is essentially a utilitarian device) but I'll wait to see if it really changes everything.

The handset is only part of the users' communication experience and every element has to improve if disappointment is not to follow. This is classic because effect. Because of this device, "phones" may be looked at differently and expectations may be raised - but will oligopolistic monolith telcos really raise their game?

In contrast to some people, I'm a fan of Apple computers as much because of what doesn't happen (e.g. crashes and spyware) as much as their superior tactility which is soon taken for granted.

Making your product/service look and feel great will have a valuable internal and external marketing impact, but its delivery of consistent and continuous performance will have the lasting impact - even if the users don't consciously realise that.


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