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Monday, March 19, 2007

Living Life In Beta.

Two great thoughts for the week from Bruce Nussbaum's article pointed out (and additionally illustrated on his excellent blog) by David Armano.

The first addresses my often-stated irritation at the disconnect in the corporate mindset between design and customer experience,

A final point on language: Innovation and Design. Business men and women don’t like the term “design.” I think they think it implies drapes or dresses. Even top CEOs who embrace design don’t want to call it that. They want to call it “Innovation.” That has a manly right to it. It’s strong, techie. These folks are perfectly willing to use the word “vision,” whatever the heck “vision” is. They like “Imagination,” whatever the heck that is. But they don’t like “design.” Go figure.

The second just beautifully captures the zeitgeist and finishes with a phrase that will enter the lexicon.

As John Battelle said recently, the conversation now is the content. It’s not about the finished story but about the ongoing story. It’s the conversation. And since most conversations don’t have a conclusion, they are ongoing. We live a life in beta.


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