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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yahoo Mail Security Risk.

It may be a temporary glitch, but I have a hunch that the reason Yahoo Mail users are suddenly realising that their signout icon has vanished is because Yahoo are trying to increase their users' session time. With no annoncement, it now appears that you have to locate your Yahoo home page and find a signout icon there (amid the other Yahoo services they'd like you to use).

Already I see confused and worried people on the help forums, but what about those who don't realise and leave their webmail accounts wide open? As I say, this may be a glitch, but if it's an attempt to lock-in users, it's a very bad example of maniplulting the user experience for the sake of the business model.

UPDATE: It appears to have disappeared - was it a glitch or a sign of things to come?


Blogger Ron Elizondo said...

Wow, I'll try not to judge before knowing what really was going on, so I'll comment on each scenario:

1) If it was a small system glitch, a nice apology from Yahoo! would be nice. Google always apologize and comment on glitches they have, it makes the service more human and friendly.

2) If they're testing a new system to try to lock in users, at least until they fin the sign out button, I think it's dumb and useless. This is a good example of metric manipulation going on in business. Metrics are easily manipulated to appear more positive. Why would Yahoo! want users to be logged in for more "fake" time? hmmm...

We'll have to see.
-Ron E.

5:56 PM, March 13, 2007  

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