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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Padded Bra. Padded Justification.

Talking of giving marketing a bad name. Wonderbra has created an interactive website and poster comprising hundreds of photos of real women and a few celebrities united by larger chest size. Nothing wrong with that. It will garner a lot of publicity. Nothing that original either. It's just an extension of Dove's real beauty theme. But what annoyed me was the creative director's justification.

"Smart brands now know that it is increasingly pointless just to talk at your market. Today it's much more about involving them in the whole process of marketing."

Yes, they'd like to be involved in the sense of being seriously listened to. On their terms and when they wish to be involved. That's common sense. But sticking them in a poster is not involving them in the marketing process. It's barely involving them in the promotion process. Crucially, it's not the sort of involvement that will make them more satisfied customers.


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