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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pescian Logic.

I'm sure the collective noun must be a redundancy of business gurus. There's just so many of them. I prefer to look elsewhere for my inspirations as I explained on a recent comment to Kathy Sierra's much commented upon piece about the importance of space. I wrote how it was important to

"Comply with the code of the ultimate guru on these matters.

I speak, of course, of Joe Pesci as featured on the soundtrack of My Cousin Vinnie. During the seminal track “Take Your Love And Shove It“, he harangues the backing band to "roll" rather than "tinkle".

Rolling music has a inner dynamic that allows for spaces. Tinkling music has no self-confidence and tries to fill every available space - think jazz-funk, the worst aspects of modern r n b and the noodling bed-wetting bands to whom I have referred before. Pescian logic has implications for every aspect of life."

I was serious.


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