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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Air Fayre.

Today's security alert means that virtually all carry-on luggage (with particular attention to liquids) is being banned on flights. As someone who always carries on a bottle of water, my mind immediately contemplated long flights with insufficient hydration.

Now, I know things are changing, albeit for cost-cutting purposes, but it has always struck me that it is quite possible for any healthy person to go up to ten hours without a major meal. Food services are really a ritual designed to occcupy our time on board. But is that what passengers want? Surely a constant supply of non-alcoholic liquids and cold snacks would be sufficient - not to mention easier to supply and would reduce passengers' carry-on provisions.

Marketers may claim to add value to their offerings in order to achieve differentiation (or justify a higher price), but that is only true if it's valued by the customer.

Addendum: Seth echoes my other thought on hearing the tales of many business people at Heathrow at 6 a.m. - wouldn't their hours of travel and waiting time incurred to make one or two meetings have been better spent utilising modern technology to get much more done?


Blogger TheTart said...

Once I heard about all this all I thought about Starbucks! (Not to seem shallow ... but I prefer to not let my brain focus on the dark side of this horrible plot, natch.)

What I mean is this ... as a corporate road warrior, seeing Starbucks in an airport was like home! I could pick drink of my choice, maybe a snack too & chat with other fellow-far-fm-home travelers. It made the airports seem less foreign. The icing was to be able to take the latte & snack on board the plane ~ alas ...

But now ... no latte ... iced or otherwise can be taken on. Bummer. Instead stuck with airplane liquid from unhappy staff in downsizing of benefits & pay. A bad situation gone worse for all ~ including Starbuck airport shops/shareholders maybe.

Times have changed ... ditch Flight Attendent mode, go Barrista server up in the blue skys... I dunno. ; /

Maybe latte popsicles or ice cream!

Sad Smooch,
The Tart

11:00 AM, August 11, 2006  

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