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Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Marketing Resolutions.

You will acknowledge in 2007 that marketing 2.0 is a reaction to new market circumstances but not to altered marketing fundamentals and thus,

1) You will not market anything that doesn't warrant it.

2) You will eschew mantras and mission statements.

3) You will not say or think we always do it this way.

4) You will question everything.

5) You will not utter the phrase "sales & marketing."

6) You will survey with your eyes and ears and not with questionnaires.

7) You will not speak of demographics, psychographics or flash graphics.

8) You will appreciate that a Google search does not automatically imply a desire to purchase.

9) You will not over-promise, but you will over-deliver.

10) You will accept that all advertising is interruptive.

11) You will not deny the negative impacts of your business.

12) You will market in a style predicated on honest information and conversation enhancement rather than selling and hype.


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