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Friday, September 07, 2007

Getting The Horns.

So I'm channel-surfing. The old fashioned way. Flicking between a documentary about the changing face of porn stars and Mallrats (again) and I'm hearing this horn riff deep in the background - of the movie not the documentary (no music there, just serious analysis).

Suddenly nothing else matters, I need to identify it. I google and find the soundtrack album which is naturally no use because they're merchandising items and rarely bear any relation to the movie. But comes to the rescue by doing it right - they list all the music from the movie.

They get it right by understanding what David Weinberger highlights in his ironically opaquely-titled book Everything Is Miscellaneous. Namely that, in a world where everything is available, we need to be very thoughtful about how we label them.

Letting people know what it is you offer and being there for the "nothing else matters" moment. Those are sources of genuine competitive advantage because that's what users/customers want. They like it even more if it leads to something as remarkable as this.


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