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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Collaboration Costs.

Since technology has made it easier than ever for people to talk about your product/service, it’s important for marketers to consider how best to facilitate this. Not so much in terms of organised incentives or seeding schemes, but in terms of the mechanics of shareability. This was emphasized to me when Angus highlighted this Barclaycard competition derived from their TV advertisement.

Not knowing what it was, I enjoyed it – until the final shot revealed that, as so often online, I’d not been watching remarkable amateurs but professionals with a budget. The idea is good one, but is it something that people would try to imitate and thereby spread?

There’s a trade-off between impact and achievability, between shareability and the participation that leads to shareability. You want to make the impact notable enough to pique people's interest, but not so overwhelming that nobody feels able to match it. If you set the standard too high, will people be dissuaded, challenged or choose to satirise? I'll be intrigued to see what sort of entries they get.


Blogger Jim Gay said...

I'm writing a paper foe an advertising class I'm taking and was wondering if someone could provide some feedback on the premise below...
Portal 2.0: The consumer to business economy and its effect on marketing.
I believe the emergence of web based, open market practices will lead to the implementation of a economic model where the consumer tells the market what they want and then receives bids from businesses based on their consumer prerequisites. This shift of control from business over to consumer will be the result of consumers gaining more control through a progressively developing open market web centric economy. In addition, businesses build a complete view of their own relationship with a customer, but they have little understanding of other transaction relationships that the customer has. In such a competitive market, as the web, it will become necessary for a business to understand all of their customers’ transaction relationships in order to be relevant in their daily lives. This is only possible when the consumers are in control of their own information and purchasing power.

12:50 PM, February 10, 2009  
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