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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Event Surplus.

Oh look! An advertisement that utilises a busy station as the canvas for an event. How long is it since we saw that? Yes, as regular advertisements are increasingly ignored, there will be a rise in "event" marketing. But one thing is being overlooked.

Event [ i vént ] noun


1. important incident: an occurrence, especially one that is particularly significant, interesting, exciting, or unusual

The more "events" marketers create, the less eventful they become. People are already struggling with cognitive surplus. They're going to recognise and zone out "event surplus" very quickly.


Blogger Robert said...

They didn't learn this with every other 'media trend' of the last 50 years so I doubt they'll learn it now.

In a fear society - where effectiveness has become one of the most ambigious terms in the comms business - the talentless marketing and advertising person will follow other once successful campaigns in a bid to protect their position than go out and create their own fate.

2:59 AM, February 04, 2009  
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