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Friday, November 06, 2009

Marketer Of The Year.

"My customers will be happy I've been honest with them."
"I own my shelf-space and I can do anything I want with it."
"I don't work, I just play all day long."

More wisdom than you'll get from any marketing conference.


Anonymous Angus said...


4:58 PM, November 07, 2009  
Anonymous peggy said...

a great store i d love to pop in. and he s been to happy camp, too :)

but seriously, i like the concept. makes me think of pop as special treat having quality -- instead of something unhealthy, omnipresent and generic in a plastic bottle or can to pour down.

oh, and i especially like "My customers will be happy I've been honest with them". true words of wisdom, i suppose.

11:58 AM, November 08, 2009  

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