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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Networks' Dilemma.

Yesterday saw the launch of the first new US television network in ten years. Featuring cheap programming such as telenovelas and considerable internet tie-ins, myNetworkTV is being touted as the future of televison. It will be fascinating to watch its progress (even if its programming seems less than enthralling) because I am not certain that the dominance of traditional TV is as threatened as commentators would have us believe.

Last night, I heard that this new venture had booked $50 million in advertising compared to $600 million at another soon-to-launch network (which I assume to be CW). Some might say this just shows that the worldview of advertisers is entrenched in the old model and I would not argue with that. But, perhaps they're also unconvinced that tie-ins with mySpace will lead them to advertising-friendly viewers.

If the online revolution has created a new viewing paradigm, then it is reasonable to question whether the best response is to create a hybrid of the old and the new business models. To me that seems evolutionary rather than disruptive.


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