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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Too Many Tunes Spoil The Sloth?

Whether or not the story about iTunes sales having fallen dramatically is true or not, it did remind me of one of the differences of the digital age.

We all know (or indeed may admit to be or having been) an amasser of vinyl and latterly CDs whose collection exceeds a volume to which we could ever listen. However, we did have something tangible to show for it and, in the absence of a real life, to catalogue. In contrast, a full iPod or hard-drive doesn't have the same quality, so maybe there comes a point when its convenience and portability is taken for granted and the purchase of another tune does not add to the overall benefit in the way that a physical purchase did.

Maybe we're seeing signs that the providers of digitised entertainment will have to consider how to enhance their product so that the user gets more than the mere content?

ADDENDUM: Or perhaps, everybody's bought all the hit album tracks for their back catalogue and now they're only buying a small proportion of any artist's new work.

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