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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Long Tail.

"It’s been almost three years that I’ve been blogging now, and overall, I’m pleased about how this blog has turned out for me. It’s had a big effect on my life, much bigger than I ever thought it would. My existing clients now know much more about my day to day life than they used to, and potential new clients tell me they feel more at ease with me having read how I feel about what I do. My friends can keep up with what I’m doing, and I’ve met some really neat new people that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. And I got a chunk of it published, which was quite delightful."

Not my words, but those at the end of a blog-chase that took me from Tom Peters to the inimitable and mischievous Halley Suitt and thereafter, through a series of links, to the blog of a small business person providing very skilled, niche services in Seattle. It is eye-opening, sometimes eye-watering and definitely not office-friendly (so there's no link here). But this extract is as good an endorsement as you will read anywhere of why every marketer and service provider should be blogging.


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