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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Press Release 2.0?

There's been a lot of online discussion recently about the future and relevance of the press release in a connected world. Whereas some PR exponents have made intelligent suggestions like this, many non-PR bloggers have said that they're redundant and, by implication, that we the recipients of information will decide what is the "truth".

No argument from me about that last point, but I don't believe that it denies the marketer the right to try to craft a pitch that informs and educates (especially since such releases should be so crafted in the knowledge that they will be fully and swiftly dissected in the blogosphere). I thus see a future for press releases and, in light of the cynicism with which they're rightly treated today, that future might even become a rennaissance if their creators follow some simple dos and don'ts. The focus should be on,

  • Message Enhancement not Message Imposition.

  • Information not Hype.

  • Continuum not Interruption.

  • Responsiveness not Announcement.

  • It will take some nerve to stick to those guidelines - especially if you've failed to follow the golden rule of creating a product/service that is exceptional, but I don't believe you have any choice.


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