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Monday, June 04, 2007

Won't Get Fooled Again.

The Zimmers - a group with a combined age of over 3000 was put together in a television documentary. The aim was to see if they could create a hit record just as, back in 1980, a similar programme The Big Time had launched Sheena Easton upon the world. (Yes, that is a hint about the quality of what follows).

In 1980 a televison programme could impose something on the audience. Today that is no longer the case. In contrast with the recent final of American Idol that received more viewer votes than were cast in the Presidential election, this exercise was totally lacking in social exchange.

Thus despite an inordinate amount of publicity surrounding this farrago, the song has mercifully only debuted at no 26 in the sales chart. Yet another example of how in terms of audiences, it's become a case of "meet the new gang, not the same as the old gang".


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