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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Twittering Isn't Good Marketing.

Via Adriana's metatwittering, I read about twittering being used as a marketing tool.

TV producer and director Greg Yaitanes was one of the first in television to use the service for marketing. In mid-April, he "twittered" with viewers of his Fox show "Drive," sending messages from a party after the show's premiere, on his own initiative, and with Fox's permission.

"The idea that someone from the show is coming to sit down and talk with everyone [viewers], it all of a sudden makes it feel more special," he says.

Well, not exactly. I am not happy being "everyone". If I don't have a relationship with you, then chances are you won't be engaging me enough to get my attention and you'll be ignored much like SMS marketing is over here. Building an electronic mailing list is easy, creating a network is not.

The key part of social networking is the social aspect and you and I are very particular about those with whom we socialise. That's the point.

Addendum: Drive wasn't picked up for a second season. Full article here.


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